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Hansei: A Brief History
Hansei University was established by the wonderful providence and work of God in 1953, while Korea was still recovering from the affects of the Korean War. The University received the gover-nment¡¯s recognition as a four year college level in 1985, and became accredited as a four-year Bible College. In 1991, the Graduate School of Theology was established and Hansei was raised to the level of a university in 1993.

Hansei University has extended its academic area not only to Theology, but also to Humanities and Social Sciences, Engineering and Arts. In its 56 year history, more than 8,000 students have graduated, going to evangelize Korea and the World and contributing to society in various areas.

The University originally started its mission as the Full Gospel Theological College and changed its name to Soonshin University. In 1997, the name was again changed to Hansei University.

The University strives to be the University of Korea(¡®Han¡¯) and the world(¡®Sei¡¯).

The university chancellor, Reverend Doctor Yonggi Cho, is one of the University¡¯s graduates.

He is the pastor of the Yoido Full Gospel Church, which is the largest church in the world. He actively supports his alma master and is completely committed to developing Hansei into a world-class educational facility.