Department of Theology

Theology students learn the Bible and its meaningful application. Based on Youngsan's creative and active ministry philosophy, Hansei teaches theological theories of orthodox evangelicalism. Hansei is heir to the traditions of Pentecostal Christianity; it establishes and propagates solid gospel theology. With profound spiritual understanding, training programs and a balanced education, Hansei seeks to foster spiritual leaders for churches in Korea and around the world. To this end, the Department of Theology concentrates its efforts in developing Pentecostal spiritual leaders through an education based on Biblical theology.

  1. Theology major

    The theology major seeks to foster spiritual theologians and pastors who are furnished with a Christian worldview and Christ's character and power. The major is designed to cultivate power to rightly convey and teach God's Word to this generation. students attain the qualities necessary for leaders who will lead the world through teaching theological theories of orthodox evangelicalism and pentecostal Christianity, based on Youngsan faith and a variety of spiritual training programs.

  2. Christian education major

    The Christian education major fosters educational leaders who are furnished with both a Christian worldview and an educational perspective centered on exploration of Christian educational theory and field education. Graduates are active as youth ministers or as pastors and church specialists.