Department of Media and Communication Arts

Hansei trains and develops professionals with a Christian spirit which are needed in our society. The Department of Media and Communication includes the Mass Communication and Journalism major and the Advertising and Public Relations major. Our information society needs people who can exercise discernment in information dissemination and transmit information effectively and accurately. Hansei University, a Christian university, provides a unique perspective for students to gain an overall understanding of media. Hansei provides field trips and internships for students to gain practical experiences and rewards those who take the initiative to make a difference in our world.

  1. Mass Communication and Journalism major

    The mass communication and journalism major has as its purpose the nurturing of media professionals who will lead the digital communication age. To this end, students study theories related to journalism and communication and create media content at a broadcasting studio, broadcasting production studio and multimedia lab. Moreover, music videos, arts performances, documentaries, digital content, etc. are made for film festivals and contests through interdepartmental club activities. Along with this, students learn theory and practice through lectures given by specialists as well as experience field work and internships in related institutions.

  2. Advertising and Public Relations major

    The advertising and public relations major has as its purpose the fostering of advertising and PR specialists who are furnished with practical knowledge and skills and PR personnel who are equipped with international understanding. To achieve this, the university implements an education program that consolidates pragmatism and professionalism by teaching the theoretical foundations of advertising and PR, having the students learn directly from experts for cultivating practical skills, having the students acquire field experience directly from advertising and PR companies, and so on. Moreover, students study theory and practice via major related clubs and advertising and PR academic societies. Many students achieve notable awards in various contests.