Department of Business Administration

Hansei seeks to develop effective administrators with a Christian spirit which are needed in our society. The Department seeks to foster practical methodology and relevant academic research for the information and technological age and for global administration challenges. Hansei supports internships, field trips, and case-based lectures which are related to practical field experiences. These enable students to be flexible in their problem-solving. Hansei provides practical experience for students to become creative administrators. Students with professional knowledge are adaptable in the global management environment.

  1. Business administration major

    The purpose of the business administration major is to develop professional business administrators for maintaining/sustaining companies in a rapidly manging society. This is achieved through a range of courses on business administration such as personnel management, finance, marketing and accounting. We accomplish this by not only providing theoretical learning but also cultivating the capacity to solve practical problems in this age of internationalization and informatization. After graduation, students can choose a variety of career paths including general companies, public institutions, financial institutions, government institutions, etc. They can also move into professional fields by acquiring specialist licenses such as those for chartered accountants, tax accountants, financial analysts, etc.

  2. e-Business major

    The purpose of this major is to cultivate understanding of the digital nature of business and economic processes grounded in this age of a knowledge-based economy. Students become creative professionals sought after businesses and the national economy. By its very character, this major provides a pragmatic and practical program which can cultivate adaptability based on numerous connected educational programs between our school and industry. The university actively provides support so that students can be active as professionals in their respective fields after completing the curriculum.