Department of Humanities and Social Sciences

The Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences enables students to acquire deep understanding and insight in various social and cultural phenomena and develops creative people who are furnished with both professional knowledge and practical ability-- leaders who will contribute to the development of the country and global community.

  1. International tourism major

    In the 21st century, when demand for tourism is increasing daily, tourism studies are becoming increasing relevant. The department develops professionals by providing both education in tourism industry theory and practical skills simultaneously. After graduation, the students are active in travel agencies, airline companies, theme parks, hotels, leisure/event companies, the international conference/ food service industry, government departments elated to tourism, Korea Tourism Organization, etc. Also, because of the curriculum structure, students can become secondary teachers. Students can acquire licenses as hotel managers, tourism interpreters, convention planners as part of their career development.

  2. Police administration major

    The police administration major has as its purpose the fostering of professional human resources in police and criminal justice, who will protect our national security and the physical safety of people as well as maintain social and public order. For this purpose, the major offers programs ranging from theoretical education that facilitates systematic understanding of not only the organization and personnel management of police and criminaljustice institutions but also the legal field including criminal law, criminal procedure law, etc. in a curriculum that provides support so that all students can become rank holding taekwondo practitioners.

  3. Social welfare major

    The purpose of the social welfare major is to develop social welfare professionals who have acquired specialist knowledge and techniques to understand and solve modern social problems in order to meet the varied social welfare demands dictated by trends in social change. To achieve this, the major provides a total of 10 required courses as well as various other courses.

  4. Industrial security major

    As the industrial market becomes more refined and specialized, the need for an Industrial Security Major has become apparent in recent years. The purpose of this Major is to train industrial security specialists who have comprehensive knowledge of security issues in terms of human and material resources. Hansei seeks to foster experts who are needed at national organizations, private enterprises and research institutions. Students gain an active understanding of theory and practice in intellectual property rights, information & communication as well as industrial security.