Department of International Language

Hansei aims to develop students who become flexible professionals in this global age. Part of this flexibility is the ability to communicate with the world. In the Department of International Languages, students build a solid foundation of communicative skills in two of the world's most used languages, English and Chinese. Hansei educates students not only to be proficient in foreign languages but to be professionals who understand foreign cultures. 'International understanding begins at Hansei' is reflected in the ethos of the Department of International Languages. Students are encouraged to strengthen their international communication skills through the many programs on offer.

  1. English Major

    The purpose of this major is to develop proficient English users for the global age. Hansei provides excellent educational opportunities for students to launch their global careers even while studying on campus. All students are exposed to experiences w here they must learn to use English practically. Apart from receiving the highest quality classroom instruction, students are also encouraged to expand their horizons and study abroad at Hansei's sister universities.

  2. Chinese Major

    South Korea has maintained a mutually beneficial relationship with China in recent years, and this is projected to continue in the future. Hansei seeks to develop proficient Chinese users who are ready to take on the challenges of a growing China in the global community. The Hansei Chinese program educates students on speaking, reading, writing, cultures, politics, and the history of China.