Department of Design

Design education is progressively becoming streamlined, specialized, and professional as we move into the information age from the age of industrialization. In order to meet the requirements of this age, the department offers the visual information design major, space environment design major, and textile fashion design major and has as its educational purpose the fostering of professionals furnished with practical capability on industrial sites and capacity to create culture with Christian faith and character. The department is equipped with cutting edge design education equipment and an educational system that creates an innovative and practical learning journey in the environment friendly simulation hall and design hall.

  1. Visual information design major

    The visual information design major has as its purpose the fostering of creative and proactive designers who will be responsible for communication via the visual image. The goal is efficient communication of information between society and people and among people. This is becoming more important in a digital media environment. Having established a systematic road map for each major track linked with employment and careers, the university has designed a tailor made curriculum from 1st and 2nd year courses where students study basic theory and develop expressive capacity regarding visual design in general, to 3rd year courses which form a deepened learning stage, and then onto 4th year when students engage in research field work, and internships.

  2. Space environment design major

    The space environment design major offers research and education for constructing an ideal human environment in the Mure and creating a new spatial culture. To this end, the university has built the best possible educational environment in a multidisciplinary setting, providing support in cutting edge equipment and practice programs. Its competitiveness has been recognized domestically and overseas based NewDream, New Hansei on support for various overseas training programs and contests which have enhanced the reputation of our designers. Also, with environment-friendly policies, the university cultivates design leaders with necessary abilities and awareness of relevant issues.

  3. Textile fashion design major

    With the objective of creating unique, wearable and salable design, the textile fashion design major fosters professionals who will adapt to the variety of markets in the fashion industry by providing an education that maximizes the harmonization of creativity and technique. Moreover, the major helps to develop a capacity for aesthetic and creative expression via theoretical and practical education on fashion principles, materials, and forms. By providing a specialized curriculum ranging from courses which build a global and integrated design framework to courses that adhere closely to practical work, the major enables students to emerge as leaders of the textile fashion industry, actively involved in design planning and development, manufacturing, and distribution.